This is my railroad the Dublin District of the Gulf Colorado & Santa Fe, which is part of the Gulf Division of the Santa Fe. The Gulf Colorado railroad was a real railroad that was acquired by the Santa Fe in March 1886. I have chosen this railroad partly because I live in its path and partly because my great uncle was a steam locomotive engineer on this railroad. My model railroad is part real and part fictitious. It has real cities that were along the line from Cleburne and Brownwood Texas and some that I have added. I am modeling the 1940's to the late 1950's so I can run both steam and early diesels.

This model railroad is in a twelve by fifty foot trailer house and is under construction right now. I will post pictures as the railroad progresses.

I will also keep track of my journey to achieve my Master Model Railroader Certificate from the National Model Railroad Association Achievement Program. It is also in progress.

Dublin District

Gulf Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad


The Texas Western Model Railroad Club


ATSF 3423 at Temple Texas

This will have to work until I take some pictures of the Layout