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Uss Goldsborough DDG-20

These are the people I served with on the Goldsborough, during the 71-72 Wast Pac cruse. This is not any military ranking or divison manning tables. There may be others that I can not remember or that I do not have a picture of them. If you were there and remember me send your name and picture and I will add them.

Chief Sam

EM1 Hollowell                                                                                                       IC1 Waggoner

EM2 Billy Corley                                                                                                IC2 Huffins

EM3 Bela Hohner                                                                                           IC3 Yoshi Takayama

*EM3 Bob Vanhorn*                                                                                                IC3 Larry Pliner

EM3 James Houston                                                                               DC2 Gordon Sundby R Division

EM3 Otis Simpson                                                                                HT3 Robert Solazzo R Division

EM3 Tim Halkola                                                                                                     IC3 Bud Vzatek

The match Hohner Vs Solazzo

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